jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2007

Maximum Audio Biography: Guns N Roses

1. The Budding Of The Rose.mp3
2. Hollywood Rise.mp3
3. Guns A Blazing.mp3
4. Signed And Sealed.mp3
5. On The Road.mp3
6. The Wilting Of The Flower.mp3
7. It's All An Illusion.mp3
8. The Rose Has Died.mp3

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Product Description
Guns n' Roses' music has entertained millions of people all over the world. Lead by Axl Rose, they have never been too far from controversy. Their devotion and faith in themselves has helped them on their troublesome journey and their dreams have always been fuelled by the desire to shake the world of rock in a way never seen before. Listen to the story of Guns n' Roses true tale of Rock'n'Roll rags to riches.